Logo Design

by Najwa Husni bt Yusof


SSP 50th Anniversary Celebrations Logo

Theme & Slogan

50 Years of Excellence

  • Five decades of exceptional success in producing well-rounded and an accolade of distinguished PUTERIs;
  • Nurtured a strong sense of pride and commitment, and belief in integrity; and
  • Continues to contribute to the success of a peaceful and sustainable Malaysia

Celebrating our Past, Igniting our Future

  • We want to look ahead to the future, explore the potential of our students and yet, honour the legacy of the school;
  • We want to salute our teachers and the school community (past and present) for their immense contribution and for laying the foundation for our continued success;
  • Over the past five decades, we have produced outstanding students, who have now built a strong alumni community and have been contributing back to the school; and
  • We want to keep the Sekolah Seri Puteri name, up high, for many years to come