SSP 50th Anniversary Celebrations Soft Launch

9 September 2017

9th September 2017 marked the start of a year-long celebrations of Sekolah Seri Puteri’s Golden Jubilee, which will be a combined effort by PUTERI, the school as well as the PIBG.

An array of fun-filled activities and meaningful programmes are being planned which include the production of a Coffee Table Book, Carnival at SSP, Mount Fuji Hike, a spiritual journey to Mecca, Movie Nights at SSP Kolam Ayer and Cyberjaya, and a Gala Dinner. Programmes that include the underprivileged and neighbouring communities are also being arranged. PUTERI will also initiate a fund-raising project to present the school with a much needed 40-seater bus.

The official logo for the celebrations, which was selected from a logo design competition held among PUTERI members was unveiled at the event. The winning bunga raya inspired logo was designed by Najwa Husni Yusof, a 1982 alumna.

As part of the celebrations, we also recognize individuals who have contributed immensely to the school. On this date, Mr Kan Kim Loon, the long serving basketball coach since 1979 was presented with cash and a pair of tickets to Taipei as token of appreciation for his contribution, thus far.

The main highlight of the event was the release of gold balloons into the air by fifty batch representatives from SPM 1969 to 2018. It was indeed a proud and joyous moment for former students who gathered at this event to witness the launch of the grand celebrations. They were also joined by SSP teachers and staff, alumni and PIBG members, as well as current students, who simultaneously released silver balloons to add on to the festivity of the occasion.

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