Wayang @ Kolam Ayer

21 October 2017

Memories of the yesteryears came flooding back in more than 250 former SMKJKA/SSP students’ minds when they made their way to the old school at Jalan Kolam Ayer, Kuala Lumpur on Saturday, 21 October 2017.

The Wayang@Kolam Ayer event was organised as part of SSP’s 50th Anniversary Celebrations and signified where it all began for these students.

The event started off with a Zumba-aerobics session led by Feeza of 1985 and thereafter, the rush to book a place for the Wayang with kain batik – a unique yet peculiar only to the girls of this school.

Many were seen at the grounds of the school – once seemed huge and sprawling for the young girls at that time – taking pictures and capturing possibly, a final memory. Loomed by skyscrapers, the it-used-to-be-my-playground felt tiny and compact especially if compared to the existing school in Cyberjaya.

It was indeed a feel good event and believed to be appreciated by all who came and made the event memorable.

Thank you ladies for your support and attendance. We’ll see you at the next 50th Anniversary Celebration event!

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